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Second Life, the most Massive Role Playing game in the world. The largest friends network ever invented and all in full 3D.. A mystical world where you can fly from 'sim' to sim, meet pirates, artists, major companies, and all kinds of people from around the world. It's hard to describe a world like this with words. There is simply to much to do in this world to write it all here. You simply have to take a (free!) look around in there by going to the download page to create your account and download the latest viewer software!

Who is Second Life?

Well, to be honest, there are two correct answers for this question. First of all, Second Life is software, created and provided by Linden Lab. But secondly, and more important, YOU ARE SECOND LIFE! Second Life is made, created, shaped, tuned and finetuned by all it's residents. And that is where UR-SL, UR-Second Life, yoU aRe Second Life comes into the picture too.

What is UR-SL?

Wrong question realy. Better would be WHO is UR-Second Life? UR-SL is a network of cooperating individuals and businesses (inword and outworld). All with the aim to provide the users of the game with all the tools they need.



UR-SL still standing strong ;-)

We know it has been quiet for some time, but we are still in full effect and working behind the scenes. TATS, Apez, BNT, we still serve the best of the best in Second Life!

Want our help? We are still here for you all! (Noobs included (a bit))

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UR-SL is growing... growing FAST... And to keep up with that, and to stay on top of the services we want to offer our clients we just optained the newest service! UR-SL HOSTING! Hosting YOUR website on top quality servers with 99,9% uptime guarantee, and personal service from... guess what... Rasta Bourgoin and Helena Laszlo themselfs ;)

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New Exploiting QuickTime flaws in 'Second Life'

WASHINGTON--Researchers Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators, and Dino Dai Zovi, turned their attention to Second Life during a Saturday morning presentation at ShmooCon, an East Coast computer hacking conference. The researchers didn't exploit a flaw within Linden Labs' Second Life, but within QuickTime. They showed how an attacker could make money stealing from innocent Second Life victims. ...

26 Feb 2008 - 10:59 by UR-SL UR-SL news | comments (0)

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UR-SL still standing strong ;-)
New Exploiting QuickTime flaws in 'Second Life'
Finally! Ad Farms are getting banned!!!
UR-SL Advertising gained a new face :)


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