Second Life Essentials


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Want to meet someone interesting? Communities are a great way to meet other like-minded Residents. Feel at home in a welcoming social environment. Thousands of real-life friendships, romances, and business partnerships have started in Second Life. Below are a few communities you can join today. Take a look, pick one, and start exploring Second Life with some ready-made friends.

The Software

Looking for the latest version of our software? Or already have it and wondering how to make the most of your Second Life? Whether you're learning the basics or seeking power-user techniques, you'll find what you need in Downloads.

Drivers and Utilities

Looking to update your drivers, check your bandwidth, or learn more about textures, 3D graphics or modeling? You've come to the right place. Here are some useful links to help you get Second Life running smoothly and to make the most of your in-world experience.

Naphtali's aka Daddy Teacha's SL performances

Have you visited one of the MANY performances of Naphtali Hawks, inworld? Good he? Well, we bring you that same show as a full MP3 file!

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